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Available in 7 delicious flavors and 3 unique THC:CBD ratios, PLUS Gummies range from 3.5mg-5mg THC for a great-tasting, long-lasting experience.

Sour Watermelon (s) - Day or night when you need a boost, our best-selling Sour Watermelon gummies contain uplifting THC to help you feel euphoric and energized. A little sweet and a little sour, these gummies are a refreshing way to amplify any occasion. 100mg THC / Less than 2mg CBD 

Cucumber Lime (h)When life gets hectic, find your place of serenity and stay in it with these 70:30 THC to CBD gummies. Cool cucumber paired with a hint of lime makes every day a spa day. 70mg THC / 30mg CBD

Sour Blueberry (h) - The perfect blend of elevating THC and mellow CBD is a sweet way to bring any day into balance. Get back to your baseline with each calming blueberry bite. 70mg THC / 30mg CBD

Concord grape (i) - Tranquility and calm escaping you? Juicy and rich in flavor, these Concord Grape gummies are the perfect night-time companion when you need to unwind without feeling unwound. 90mg THC / 10mg CBD

Blackberry Lemon (i) - When night falls and it’s time to unwind, a relaxing blend of THC and CBD means peace of mind is only a bite away. With flavors reminiscent of a calming cup of tea, Blackberry + Lemon gummies are a wonderful way to enhance your evening relaxation ritual.90mg THC/10mg CBD