Kosher Kush (i) Smalls - Glass House Farms (27% THC)

Kosher Kush (i) Smalls - Glass House Farms (27% THC)

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Kosher Kush packs a righteous wallop for people of all faiths, offering a heavy, full-body high that approaches true bliss and enlightenment. It is also one of the tastiest strains on the market, bursting with pops of fresh mint, sweet pine, and rich earth. Ideal for night-time consumption, prepare for muscles to melt, eyelids to droop, and for a peaceful, deeply-restorative sleep to deliver you straight through to the next day’s dawn.

Feelings: body melt, eyelid droop, brain bliss

Flavor: eucalyptus, lemon, fresh mint

Usage: the best night’s sleep, insomnia, chronic pain relief