JellyFish Smalls (CBD) - Glass House Farms (1% THC 15.89% CBD)

JellyFish Smalls (CBD) - Glass House Farms (1% THC 15.89% CBD)

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When you feel tight, in your muscles or in your mind, itʼs time for Jelly Fish. Delivering relaxation, calm, and relief, this Glass House Farms-exclusive strain was designed to produce a rare balance of both familiar and up-and-coming cannabinoids, imparting only a barely-there high. With just enough THC to get things going, Jelly Fish marries a substantial serving of CBD with the uncommon cannabinoids CBC and CBG, all working in harmony to help you loosen, rebalance, and untie 'til you're just right.

Feelings: Non-Psychoactive, Chill, Relaxed, Smooth

Flavor: Floral, Earthy, Sweet

Usage: Post-Workout, De-stress, Relax, Recover