Dablogic Live Rosin Badder

Dablogic Live Rosin Badder

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Strawberry Banana (i) - Not your usual strawnana, up front is a bouquet of berries and sweet banana that's backed with OG.

Voltron x BO x BS (i) - ([Athene Sour Kush X Holy Crack X Sapphire Scout X Black DOG] x Banana OG x Black Sapphire) Bred by Biovortex for hash makers. What results in this particular batch is a great mix of OG and old school kush terps with some brightness coming in from Banana and Voltron's Holy Crack and Sour parents.

Wedding Cake (i) - Wedding Cake delivers deeply euphoric and relaxing effects that will leave users celebrating a blissful state. The aromatic flavor profile is dominated by sweet, creamy and toasted nutty notes.

So what exactly is the DabLogic difference? Enjoy true hashish without solvents or fillers! We extract our hashish through ice water to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. Heat is introduced to the trichomes to create a consistent solvent. Pressure is then applied to the solution to create a variety of consistencies and products, like these Badders.

All of our products start with the best Verde Natural flower grown from living soil. From there, our mechanical s(NOT CHEMICAL) process uses water, heat, and pressure to create al of out hashish products.