GMO (i) - Glass House Farms (31% THC)

GMO (i) - Glass House Farms (31% THC)

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Garlic, mushroom, and onion—we’re not talking about pizza toppings here, we’re talking about the pungent hybrid, GMO. Unashamed of its savory flavor, this cross between Chemdawg and GSC proudly wears its garden-forward profile in its moniker. While the effects can be intensely uplifting at first, your eyelids will soon droop shut with the kind of deep relaxation that only a good indica can usher in. Try pairing this strain with a slice of ‘za and a comfy couch for a night of stoned-to-the-bone binge-watching. 

Feelings: Soothed, Sleepy, Stoned

Flavor: Savory, Funky, Earthy

Usage: Unwinding, Couch Crashing, Catching Zzz’s

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene