Flo White (s/h) - Glass House Grower's Choice (24.4% THC)

Flo White (s/h) - Glass House Grower's Choice (24.4% THC)

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Batch Story:

This beautifully sativa-leaning selection comes from legendary lineage: a cross of the mysterious White with DJ Short’s 90s masterpiece Flo, itself a cross of two winning landrace Thai varieties. This batch boasts bright green hues, an herbal sage flavor, and high-energy, clear-headed, perfect-sativa effects, proving that even classics can level up when breeding and conditions are just right. A must-try for daytime smokers.



Flo x White #7


Feels Like:

Uplifting, energetic, focused, floating, euphoric


Aroma & Taste:

Mint, pine, creamy menthol


Top Terpenes:

Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene, Pinene