Dosidos (i/h) - Glass House Grower's Choice (23.45% THC)

Dosidos (i/h) - Glass House Grower's Choice (23.45% THC)

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Effects: euphoric, nighttime, relaxed, sleep aid

Flavors: butter, sweet, pine


Batch Story:

This run of Do-Si-Dos is something special. An offspring of modern staple Girl Scout Cookies, the strain has been gaining steam for a couple of years, but this time it’s turned out a profoundly relaxing, incredibly smooth, flavorful smoke that puts us in the mood for love (or in love with our mood). The sense-heightened euphoria and physical activation are something to savor, and the good vibes just roll on and on.



Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG


Feels Like:

Relaxing, Chill, Social: sleepy in larger doses


Aroma & Taste:

Diesel, earth, citrusy back end


Top Terpenes:

Myrcene, Limonine, Humulene, Caryophyllene