Orangeade (s) - Glass House Farms (22.94% THC)

Orangeade (s) - Glass House Farms (22.94% THC)

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Orangeade is a beautiful frosty strain that is loaded with a delicious citrus taste. Combining two incredibly well-known strains, Tangie and Purple Punch, Orangeade lives up to its lineage. This Sativa Dominant hybrid is going to get you moving and feeling creative, while the heavy dose of limonene provides wonderful citrus notes for a flavor that matches the feeling. This is a daytime strain that's going to make you feel great while not putting you out of commission for the rest of your day.

Feelings: Uplifting, Creative, Focused

Flavor: Orange, Tangerine, Earthy, Grape

Usage: Daytime smoking, Appetite enhancer

Lineage:Tangie x Purple Punch