Legion of Bloom PAX Era Pod
Legion of Bloom PAX Era Pod
Legion of Bloom PAX Era Pod

Legion of Bloom PAX Era Pod

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0.5g Pod compatible with PAX Era (SOLD SEPARATELY)


- AUTHENTICITY: We are founded by farmers with 60+ years of cultivation experience.

- TERPENES: We list the top terpenes and their percentages on the back of every package to better cater to your individual needs.

- HEAVY METALS: We never have heavy metals in our products.

- ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: LEGION donates a portion of every PAX Pod sale to One Tree Planted, helping plant trees in areas of California devastated by wildfires.

- PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: to help save our planet!



10k Jack (s) - A phenotype of the legendary Jack Herer strain chosen for its unique fruit-forward nose. Rumor has it that a single cut of this highly sought after pheno once sold for $10,000! Hence the name 10k Jack. Notes of jackfruit, pine cleaner, and citrus.

Lemon Cookies (s/h) - This sativa-leaning hybrid brings a subtle elevated effect, while also leaving the body relaxed and tension-free. A perfect balance of uplifting euphoria with soothing, grounding relief. Notes of lemon and citrus with undertones of sweet, pungent earth.

Gelato (i/h) - A sweet and seductive hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint, Gelato boasts sensational crystals and terpenes when in bloom, rendering its flowers ripe for extraction. Although novices might find it to be a bit strong, many people find Gelato to be the perfect companion for the creative class, and it is a top choice among professionals who know how to maintain. Notes of tropical fruit, roasted nuts, pungent earth.

Lavender Kush (i) - When you are ready to decompress and unwind, this strain is a must. Perfect for ending a long day or enjoying yourself on a weekend getaway. Notes of lavender, fresh flowers, and a hint of cayenne.