Strain Review: Cream Of The Crop - Purple Reign

Hey there Lucky Delivery people!

We're back again with another strain review for you guys & gals this time we'll be talking about the new strain Purple Reign by Cream Of The Crop. 

We haven't done a Cream Of The Crop review in awhile so I'm really excited to get into this one today. Just like the Prince film Purple Rain this will be a classic as well.

So let's get into it with the lineage of Purple Reign which is an amazing cross of Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake, Making it an indica leaning hybrid strain. The color on this flower is unbelievable, it is a dark purple throughout with some green leaves and orange hairs, but mainly all you get is purple (and it's amazing!). Dense, compact buds - most over 1g - in size and coated in trichomes.

The Gelato cross in this gives it a very creamy taste and smell that many connoisseurs love to find. The harvest date of this batch we have is 11/22/19 so roughly 11 days before this review (FRESH!).

Purple Reign is currently testing at 23% THC which in opinion is perfectly fine. High quality flower should be 20% or higher THC in my opinion to be worth the price tag.

Now lastly let's talk about the effects of this strain. Most users, including myself, have experienced the following: it's an extremely relaxing strain definitely best used at night when you're unwinding, the next feeling was just happiness it's that classic giggly high that we all love, then the last thing is just a very euphoric sense of thought where you kinda just day dreaming about all the good stuff/times! This an amazing strain that we highly recommend to all.

Well that's all for this review guys i hope ya'll found this helpful if you were interested of curious about this awesome new strain by Cream Of The Crop, one of our favorite brands! We do reviews weekly so check back shortly for new reviews of upcoming/new strains & sometimes classic favorites. 

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