Strain Review: Connected Cannabis Co. - Animal Style


It's Lucky Delivery back with another strain review this time we're back reviewing another strain from Connected! This time we're going with an LA classic Animal Style, if you're familiar with In & Out you'll understand the namesake of this strain.

This strain is an indica-dominant-hybrid from an amazing cross of a hybrid strain and a heavy indica that we'll get more into detail about shortly. 

So now that we've laid out the basics let's get into the interesting stuff right now the lineage which is Animal Cookies crossed to Connected's award winning Gelato #41.

Let's dive deep into this strain: Animal Cookies is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG & Gelato #41, which is a cross of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies!

Animal Style packs some absolutely insane genetics in it making it such a diverse high. It's got an extremely mellow high that leaves you feeling full zen, and a body high that leaves you melting into whatever surface you're hanging out on. The look of the buds are as always with Connected strains: superb!

The color of the buds are a gorgeous purple, light green, with bright orange hairs spread throughout the dense buds with Trichomes coating the entire surface. This batch at least pulls very heavy to the Gelato side for smell which I got hints of lavender, pine, with some citrus undertones here and there.  When you pay this much for cannabis you expect a certain quality and Connected always holds up to that expectation of quality! 

     So that's about all the thoughts we really have on this strain at the moment & it's amazing. As usual with Connected products it did not disappoint but I'd like to start something new with this review. I'm gonna make this the first APPROVED FIRE STRAIN by us! Which will from now on be the rating for a 5/5 strain. We hope this review of Animal Style made you more interested in checking it out or if you already loved it hopefully it helped you learn some new stuff about it. Hope ya'll enjoyed and check back weekly for new reviews!

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