Marathon OG - Lucky Delivery Review

Hey Lucky Delivery squad, today we'll be talking about one of this year's most popular weed strains, the Marathon OG by Cure Company. As many of you should know this cannabis strain was created and popularized by late rapper Nipsey Hussle and the people at Cure Company.

Together they made a tremendous looking and tasting strain with dense buds with a heavy layer of trichomes. During your smoke session of Marathon OG you should be able to taste earthy and lemon spices with each exhale.

After a few minutes, you will feel a heavy-hitting and relaxing mental and physical stone blow to all five senses. This is not the weed to smoke before you go to a family gathering or to the club. This is the weed you smoke when you are at home looking for a relaxing day.

This is definitely our best selling strain that we deliver daily. This is a must-try flower to have on your list! It is truly one of the best OG strains on the market right now. You cannot go wrong with Marathon OG. 

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