Indoor vs Outdoor Weed

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor grown cannabis, as well as what is cost effective and environmentally friendly.


Indoor Cannabis - Cannabis grown indoors will result in picture perfect buds in most cases.  This is because things such as the amount of sunlight, watering, CO2 levels, and temperature are all under complete control by the growing facility.  This allows for the plants to reach their full potential in terms of potency and look. Growers are able to "play God" so to speak when being able to control all the elements and avoiding turbulent weather patterns.   One con of indoor grows is pests. Pesticides have been reported to be used since things nature's natural predators (wasps, ants, ladybugs) are not present in the controlled conditions resulting in usage to pesticides to save the plants. The main con of indoor grown cannabis is the amount of electricity used to grow indoors.  For indoor grows, the facility must have ample ventilation to avoid too high or too low CO2 levels, have lights for all the plants, etc.  All of these ways to control the environment adds up and results in a more expensive product, and raging electric bills.  Many report that since synthetic lights do not give the same spectrum of light and energy as our sun that the plants are missing an element of being "natural" in comparison to outdoor grown plants.



Outdoor Cannabis - When cannabis is grown outdoors a whole new level of hardships are faced.  The main hardship is the weather.  Cannabis thrives in warm days, nights, little rain, and little wind.  Too much of any of these elements will damage the plants or potentially kill them.  However, issues like paying the high electric bill are not issues when sunlight is free! (for now anyways). Pests have a much harder time as well outside since mother natures natural insects thrive off of many of the pests that plague cannabis when grown outdoors.  Many times though, cannabis grown outdoors is not as potent since it does not have all of the elements fully playing helpfully 24/7.  Cannabis grown outdoors is typically not as "pretty" as grown indoors.  Visually you can see indoor plants are much more dense than outdoor grown.  However,  the aroma for outdoor weed, (if cured cured correctly) can be just as potent as its indoor counterparts. Many patients love outdoor cannabis because they claim that it never gets them "too high" and feels much more "natural."  It's difficult to argue that the natural full spectrum of light coming from our sun doesn't play a huge role in how cannabis effects each of us.