Alien Labs Baklava Review - Lucky Delivery

   Hey Lucky Delivery people! We're back with another strain review! This time we're talking about Baklava from Alien Labs! This amazing strain is one of their original strains that they always keep in rotation along with Sherbacio, Area 41, & Gelato 41. The guys over at Alien Labs have a love for their craft that most don't the small batch, and carefulness shows in the buds they produce.

Let's get into the lineage of this strain which is a cross of Kosher Kush x Gelato #41 which are two heavy hitting indica strains. The nose of this bud is almost a pungent OG gas smell that will leave you smiling! The Gelato definitely gives this a creamy after-taste instead of a harsh one, which is always welcome.  After testing this one I can say that three bowls of this is equivalent to a dab! It'll leave your whole body feeling that nice and heavy "stoned" feeling that a lot of us look for to relax or sleep. The high will leave you happy, euphoric, relaxed and most likely will leave you headed towards the bed for a nap! So use wisely.

    Alright Lucky people, that wraps up this review of a crazy batch of Alien Labs - Baklava! As always check back weekly to see more reviews and posts from us here. 

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