Small Nugs - Nah, Size Doesn't Matter

Lucky Delivery is all about the deals. Getting fresh weed into smoker's hands is our entire job description, and in order to make sure we do this most efficiently we're always looking for new ways to keep our prices low.

Recently, we've been getting a bunch of smaller nug batches of flower. Lots of people have been asking what the difference is, so we decided to write this quick article on why small nugs are - in our opinion - better than their more photogenic brethren. We discussed the difference between indoor and outdoor weed in a previous post, now we will discuss the difference in nug sizes.


1. The Price

Bulk deals are always the move. Buy more, save more, and all that...but what if you could save even more by buying the ugly nugs? The flower is the same, nearly all of the small nugs we have are from the same grow as the larger nugs they're just...smaller. The flavor and smell is still right there (and often packs a punch) and there's less waste (comes in 7g or 14g bags instead of 3.5g jars) which is not only good for the environment but good for your wallet. Keep the spend low by buying smaller nugs. You're gonna literally light them on fire anyway.

2. The Potency

The potency on the small nugs can vary slightly from the larger nugs. This is because of a few reasons, but mainly because of the light that gets to the plant during it's growth. The larger nugs got more energy and produced more THC, the smaller nugs not so much. But the difference in THC is minimal most of the time. You can expect a large nug of ~25% to have a smaller nug of ~23%. Obviously this varies and sometimes the percentages are actually the same. Just make sure to check.

3. The Weight

Smaller nugs may actually come with more smoke-able material in the bag. The nugs don't have stems (or very rarely do) and therefore you don't need to account for that weight in the bag. Some stems can weigh up to 15% of the total nug, but with smalls the stems are negligable.

4. The Price

See reason 1, above.


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