Our Mission - Lucky Cannabis Delivery

Lucky Delivery was started by 2 friends (myself and another person) in 2018 as a membership-focused cannabis delivery service.

Our idea was to cut the nonsense in weed. Things like the extra branding and packaging that added nothing but costs to customers and waste into our landfills. We didn't like the direction cannabis was going...prices increasing, quality decreasing. Weed is a crop, and it should be treated as such.

We wanted to create a membership that includes anyone and everyone that loves cannabis and likes a great deal. We aim to be your main weed delivery service.

As we aim to launch our membership program in 2021, we are open to anyone over 21. The membership program is in the works and once we start it, in exchange for a small delivery fee and monthly charge you can expect to save around 25% per order.

But until then, we are operating as a normal, deal-centered cannabis delivery service.

Buying in bulk will guarantee savings, and things like our half ounces and full ounces are certain to be the best prices in the city.

If you need any help with buying to maximize your savings, give us a text at 310-721-7340, our customer service specialists will walk you through to find a product mix that matches your budget.

So let's bring weed back to the people. Grab some friends, buy in bulk, and save a lot on each delivery.