Mix And Match EVERYTHING!!!!

In our constant effort to make sure you're getting the best prices for the People's Plant (weed) we've implemented a new pricing scheme.

Buy more than one product, any product, and save a percentage off your entire order.

Want to mix and match 2 strains and get a 1/4 deal? No problem.

Want to buy a half ounce of 4 different strains and some edibles AND some cartridges? No worries.

These deals are only available through this site, so stock up, and start smokin'.

Each product has a graph below it with how much you'll save if you buy multiple products.

Remember, there are limits on how much you can buy if you don't have a medical card.

8x 1/8ths of flower

8 grams of concentrates (including cartridges)


These bulk purchase discounts don't apply to deals that we already have (ounce deals, etc.) but they apply to nearly everything else. If you have questions, text us at the number at the top of the home page.


Stay Lucky!