Edibles: How to Enjoy and Relax


Most of us have it in our minds that edible forms of cannabis are way too intense, provide nothing but a sleepy experience, and seem to last an eternity.  Many people have tried a cannabis cupcake or or cookie only to find themselves having a very unsettling experience.  The problem with all of these negative experiences is the dose.  Back before cannabis became legal many edibles were extremely potent, mislabeled, and frequently not accurate in dosing due to lack of regulations.  Everything in todays marketplace is now regulated and the dosage must be labeled on the package for edible products.  Many people once they know how much they're taking actually prefer edible cannabis to smoking cannabis!

Who?  People that don't wish to partake in the smoking aspect of cannabis tend to gravitate towards edible products.  Many times we just want a break from smoking to give our lungs a break. Many edible lovers are those that find smoking cannabis to be too intense and want a more controlled experience.  While this can certainly be the case with edibles in low dose, a high dose can produce a full on experience similar to smoking a large amount of cannabis but with a more pronounced body high.


While it is true that cannabis in edible form is more potent, that does not mean there aren't relaxing experiences to be had.  If you are looking for a more relaxing time, low dose edibles actually can produce serious relief in aches and pains, while producing little to no head high!  Some users that don't enjoy the smoking aspect of cannabis tend to gravitate towards edibles for a slightly more grounding experience (if dosed correctly!)  Below we'll go through typical dosages, onset times, and their desired effects. 

Onset - typically cannabis edibles take about 30 minutes to feel acute effects, with the full onset being at about the 2 hour mark. (Don't take more before the 2 hour since the peak effects have not set in yet.)  Having a full/empty stomach can result in quicker or more delayed effects, as well as body weight.  Higher doses tend to result in effects coming on sooner than lower ones!

Remember! You can always take more if you don't feel it, but you can never take less!  If you are unfamiliar with cannabis' effects, take 5mg first and if you want more add 5mg.  Effects last from 2-4 hours and are usually best enjoyed in the evening-night time because of their longer time frame.

5 Milligrams - 5mg of edibles will produce a very relaxing body high that takes the edge off.  This is reccomended for those that have a very low tolerance and are taking their time with experiencing cannabis.  5mg will never overwhelm anyone, and usually produces light feelings of openness, elevated body awareness, anxiety relief, relaxation in the neck, and shoulders while allowing users to almost forget they took anything at all.

-Perfect for aches/pains, yoga, recreational sports, creative endeavors, socializing, and "getting in the zone"


10-15 Milligrams - Taking 10mg of a cannabis edible will produce a slightly more obvious experience of feeling high, if you have been around the block a few times with cannabis and want to experience a little more... 10mg will bring produce a more noticeable experience.  This type of dose is still on the mild end of the spectrum, but will produce effects such as mild redness in eyes, dry mouth, and a more pronounced warm body high.  Expect to feel more reduction of anxiety, elevated body awareness, a more pronounced head high, and a boost in the senses.

Perfect for aches/pains, a night in, movies, music, creative endeavors, socializing with close friends


20-25 Milligrams - Once you reach about 20mg in cannabis edibles it becomes much more of a long lasting experience. If you very much enjoy the full intensity cannabis can bring sometimes this dose may be more right for you.  This will produce very obvious "stoned" feeling and is not always for those with a low tolerance or those that tend to feel anxious easily.  Those with a higher tolerance will love this dosage and really feel a great bang for their buck!

-Perfect for experienced users of cannabis and edible related products

Once you get past the 25mg dose many people report a more negative experience like the classic stories we have all heard from edibles, so just remember, you can always take more next time if it isn't enough, you cannot take less!  

Recommended dosages and products:

5mg - New to cannabis

Recommended Products: Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites, Kiva Espresso Terra Bites

10-20mg - light cannabis user, still getting acclimated

Recommended Products: District Gummy Edibles, Sensi Chew

25 mg+ - very experienced with cannabis

Recommended Products: Cannabis Edible Drinks, Cannabis Infused Gummies, Kiva Chocolate Bars