Connected Cannabis Gelonade Strain Review - Lucky Delivery

Hey there guys Lucky Delivery back again with another strain review for ya'll from one of the top companies in the industry! This amazing strain is one of the strongest sativas i have ever smoked. The homies over at Connected crossed LemonTree x Gelato 41 to create this top notch sativa strain.

This strain emanates a strong Tangie smell from it that most you'll find deeply intoxicating! They literally warn that this it not like other sativas as it is an incredibly strong high, the THC percentages always say mid 20's but if i had to guess I'd say it feels like 30% THC. If you don't believe me on how strong the feeling is you'll just have to try this one for yourself. Gelonade from Connected won best sativa flower in the Cannabis Cup this year, just in case you needed more credentials.

Becoming one of my all-time favorite strains is not an easy accomplishment but Gelonade has managed to secure it's spot as top dawg as far as sativas go. The buds are a forest green, with orange hairs,  and are dense. This is a top shelf strain is will cost more than probably any other flower you've bought but you won't be disappointed. It packs a serious punch and a very unique high.

If you wanna check out Connected products click the link below!