Albums to Smoke By: Some of the Best Music to Listen To When You're Smoking Weed

I spent a large portion of my smoking life rolling up with friends (and strangers) as we sat back on a couch somewhere, or in the woods on a camping trip, laughing and coming up with the ‘next best movie idea’ (none of which ever materialized). But recently because of COVID I’ve found myself smoking without company, and instead of chilling with friends I’ve been listening to any new (new to me - as in, I’ve never listened to them before) music I can find.

First things first - pick the album. This is because you can really zone out if you've already smoked and you're searching through Spotify for music. You can end up spending an hour never picking anything.

I chose full albums, listened to from the first song to the last, in the order intended by the artist. It’s amazing how we sometimes ignore that an artist may have spent months curating the piece of music to flow - to tell a story - and instead listen to something on shuffle. No, I don’t want that. The point here is to go on a journey with the music.

Once the first song starts playing, roll up. This particular night I personally chose an indica ~ Strawberry Banana by Autumn Brands. It’s fairly strong, but hey, I had a long day.

From there smoke as you please, listening and kicking back.

Tonight’s album of choice was Head Hunters - an album by the Head Hunters, the genre-bending crew started by Herbie Hancock.

I’m not a music critic by any means, but for anyone who hasn’t smoked and listened to this album…all I can say is you are severely missing out. Check it out on any streaming channel you subscribe to.

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